About Us

Our History: About Your Local Orchard

1930’s – 1980’s

Weaver’s Orchard’s family farming began with Jacob and Lizzie Weaver, fruit growers in Delaware. It was their son, Daniel, who purchased the current Berks county property.  He began Weaver’s Orchard in 1932, not knowing what the orchard would become.  He planted fruit trees, berries, and vegetables, marketing the produce by the truckload on street corners in the city of Reading.  This was known as a “Huckster route,” meaning he was a type of produce peddler common in those days.

Soon, Daniel started selling from the farm. This set Weaver’s Orchard on the path to becoming a community destination. Daniel’s son Allen became a partner in the operation, and the business continued to grow as they sold their produce at farmers markets and on the farm.


Ed Weaver, the grandson of Daniel and Sadie Weaver, oversaw Weaver’s booth at the Shillington Farmer’s Market after high school and is the current president of Weaver’s Orchard Inc.  He led the orchard through its major expansion in 1985, when Weaver’s began to carry a full line of produce throughout the year.

Ed’s son Justin continued the tradition of family farming.  He learned the art of fruit production as he worked beside his father in the orchard and is now the production manager.

1990’s – Present

In 1995, Ed Weaver discovered a new apple variety: the Star Gala, a variety of the Fulford Gala.  This new apple variety has all the qualities you would expect in a Fulfold Gala.  However, it’s nearly an inch bigger than its parent fruit.  Star Galas have juicy, crisp flesh and a wonderfully sweet taste.  Their trees are smaller than other Gala trees, allowing less spacing between plantings. Star Galas ripen before any of the other Galas – as early as August 20th.

Weaver’s Orchard wants the property to be one where people can come and enjoy picking their own fruit, shopping the farm market, and attend events hosted here. The Weaver family’s vision for the business continues to expand, with hopes of a new market some day that will have an expanded garden center and bakery.