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Do you know we have never paid to place an advert? In the beginning, it was simply because we didn’t have the funds; every spare penny went on products (it still does). These days consumers actually want to be stimulated and choose for themselves what they want to buy into. So, lucky for us, everything has changed. You can totally have a marketing strategy with very little budget nowadays.
Here are my top tips to marketing on a shoestring:

Create a blog with passionate, quality content that reinforces your brand, your mission and your values.

Create an Instagram account and upload photos and videos that again, personify your brand.

Have a Twitter feed and also update daily, with competitions, giveaways and new products.

Honestly, the tips above will help you start building a community and therefore build your business. It’s hard work, but if you really want to make a difference you need to stand out with consistent engagement and community building activities.

Creating oodles of regular content showcasing your brand will build awareness and followers. I happen to believe when it comes to content you are writing or doing something worth talking about. It doesn’t matter how much money you fling at something, no one will give a damn. That all comes back to passion and obsession.

I’ll leave you with this point – please don’t be put off – building a brand takes years and years of consistency. You won’t instantly gain a community, hit the big time or take record sales, you need to work hard and social channels are great free tools to spread your wings – it certainly has helped ours.

Main image above is from the lovely @kinfolk magazine.

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